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4 Oct, 20190 comments

Gavin Dorning, Operations Manager at DEPL Haulage, is part of a national operation that all started at his father’s property in Pakenham, upper Victoria, in 2007. For the past decade, the business has also bolstered road freight tasks in Devonport, Tasmania.

“We service all states throughout Australia and more recently worldwide with the trading and logistics side of the business,” he says.

“DEPL Haulage provides bulk liquid transport services for the agricultural sector predominately transporting molasses-based supplements, liquid fertilisers, oils and various other non-dangerous-goods products.

“Over the past two years we have established our food grade division transporting wine and juice.”

Gavin explains that the fleet comprises a dozen Kenworth prime movers, six B-double combinations, four single tankers and the most  recent Tieman B-double. We also  operate a Tautliner, one skel and three ISO containers for bulk liquid deliveries to Tasmania.

He notes that Tieman tankers are especially ideal for DEPL Haulage’s operations because the business believes in using quality road transport equipment that is manufactured in Australia.
“Fleet standardisation is important for DEPL Haulage, which is why we continue to work closely with Tieman.

“In addition to supporting Australian manufacturing, the build quality of a tanker is absolutely critical for us – and we know from our decade-plus association with Tieman that they will always supply cutting-edge design tankers to our preferred specifications,” he says – adding that DEPL Haulage invests in its fleet to remain competitive and agile.

The latest Tieman combination that Gavin has taken delivery of is a B-double 304 grade s/s ringed tanker design with a lead tanker capacity of 16,500 litres and a rear tanker capacity of 30,000 litres. “Running tankers with low tare weights ensures industry-best payloads,” he says. “Tieman implemented their unique point mounted huck bolted design to help us achieve optimal payload performance that also allows for better access for service and maintenance.”

Tieman were the first to introduce the ringed construction s/s design in the early 1970s. The design allows for the barrel thickness to be thinner and hence lighter without decreasing any structural integrity. With 65 years of manufacturing experience in food grade welding and polishing, the manufacturer offers a premium hygiene finish that is built to last.

Gavin says that Tieman’s after sales support is something that DEPL Haulage values greatly. “The after sales support from Tieman has always been superb. We have been dealing with Frank Cutajar for close to 11 years now and appreciate his ‘can do’ attitude along with Tome and the rest of the guys in the workshop who give us great turnaround times should we need urgent assistance with parts and repairs.”

Fast Fact
DEPL Haulage Operations Manager, Gavin Dorning, says he has worked with Tieman Tankers on Performance-Based Standards (PBS) designs. “Last year, Tieman manufactured a PBS-approved quad-axle Molasses tanker and the entire PBS process was seamless right down from the initial design stage through to receiving the unit,” he says. “The Tieman team were great.

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