Food Grade Tankers

Tieman’s food grade tankers are designed to protect your FGT product during transportation, whilst offering industry best payload. With today’s stringent food transport regulations the finish inside your tanker is critical, so with Tieman, the quality finish of both the interior and exterior is guaranteed….the risk is none.

  • ‘New Generation’ tare weight design offer more payload every load… a better return on investment
  • Easier and quicker maintenance due to ‘huck’ bolted open point mount design
  • Superior food grade finish and quality for optimum hygene protection
  • Internal CIP option and its position is designed for optimal cleaning and drainage
  • New fail safe vent operation protects the tanker from pressure and vacuum damage
  • Tieman’s classic chassis available

Available in the following configurations

  • Semi Trailers
  • All Rigid and Dog lengths
  • All B-double lengths
  • Road train configurations
  • PBS (performance based standards designs)


  • Water
  • Wine
  • Dairy Products
  • Food Grade Oils
  • Chocolate
  • Other

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