A New Focus for Tieman’s O.ME.P.S Aluminium Dry Bulk Tankers

3 Oct, 20190 comments

In 2009 Tieman introduced the first O.ME.P.S aluminium dry bulk tanker to the Australian market. That 42CM cement tanker sold to Moloney Transport in Victoria has done over 1.5 million kilometres and is celebrating a 10-year operational milestone, performing well according to the owners. Repeat business is testimony to the reliability with Moloney Transport now operating multiple O.ME.P.S aluminium cement tankers in their fleet.

Aluminium dry bulk tankers have been built in Europe since the 1960s and the majority of all dry bulk tankers across Europe are made from aluminium to optimise payload and efficiencies. Australia now has the rungs on the board with proven reliability from European manufactured quality aluminium tankers and the trend is now changing from steel to more aluminium.

While the initial capital cost is higher on aluminium to steel, the payback on extra payload every load over the life of the combination is the reason so many companies are now investing in aluminium dry bulk tankers. After all the fuel tanker market in Australia has been 100 per cent aluminium for decades so the dry bulk market is also now trending towards that same outcome.

Col Tieman, Director of Tieman Tankers, proudly announces: ‘An exciting new appointment to our team is Geordie Fairweather as Business Development Manager for our O.ME.P.S by Tieman aluminium dry bulk tanker business. Geordie brings a wealth of expertise to the business having more than 20 years experience in the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of dry bulk tankers”.

“To have Geordie join our team gives us great pleasure,” Col says.

“We believe we have partnered with the world`s best aluminium dry bulk tanker manufacturer O.ME.P.S. So for Geordie to work closely with two family businesses with his background is the perfect fit for everyone. We pride ourselves on our quality bulk liquid tankers, so our comprehensive range of aluminium dry bulk tankers will be supported and represented by someone who we consider an industry expert and by someone who has earned great respect in the dry bulk tanker industry.”

“Tieman are at the forefront of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) innovation introducing tanker designs that are future proofing customer investments. Already we have introduced the first aluminium quad axle cement tanker in Australia for John & Mick Prezioso of Cement Haulage for Independent Cement in NSW which is operating at a Gross Combined Mass of 50.5-tonnes.

“We have invested in our own PBS engineering team whose sole focus is to provide road access to customers for higher mass innovative tankers that offer game changing payloads,” he says.
O.ME.P.S, founded by Vincenzo Munzio in 1997, has invested in a high tech manufacturing factory in Italy with robotic welding and forming machines and they export their aluminium dry bulk tankers across the world into some of the harshest operating conditions.

Their proven aluminium dry bulk tankers, having built nearly 4,000, are testimony to their quality design and automated manufacturing processes. Importantly they have the ability to customise Australian designs to suit specific freight tasks and customer needs. Tieman have the exclusive distributorship for O.ME.P.S tankers for Australia and New Zealand.

Tieman offer a full range of O.ME.P.S bottom discharge and tipping tankers for the cement, fly ash, lime, sand, plastics, stock feeds, flour, sugar and other dry bulk materials. O.ME.P.S have a unique bolt on steel hanger design that is robust and durable and also gives the option to fit a wide range of European or American suspensions to suit customer preference. Their forming machines allow the front and rear hoods to be made in one piece with no welded joins to optimise aesthetics. Their tipping tankers have a full length aluminium chassis for reduced tare weight and maximum payloads.

A full range of dry bulk tanker spare parts will be available from Tieman with a network of after sales service providers nominated to support the O.ME.P.S by Tieman product around Australia and NZ.

“I am excited about joining the Tieman team to run the dry bulk tanker operation; returning to an industry that I am so familiar with and passionate about,” Geordie says. “The new focus at Tieman on their O.ME.P.S aluminium dry bulk tanker range coupled with their in-house PBS capabilities will give us a real edge in the market and the potential to introduce some game changing tanker equipment. I look forward to discussing customer requirements and how we can help boost the productivity of your businesses.

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