The next PBS evolution in farm milk collection

3 Oct, 20190 comments

Future proofing the design for any tanker investment means a continual and ongoing collaboration between a number of parties including the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), State Road Owners, local shires, councils, the manufacturer as well as the customer.

For Tieman Tankers’ engineering team, ensuring productive payload gains with the safest industry designs is always front of mind. Being first to market again with the 26-metre ‘Tank Liner’ range has seen a significant resurgence of demand from transport operators for this new Tieman range of Performance-Based Standards (PBS) tankers.

McColl’s Transport, established in 1952, is Australia`s largest independent carrier of dairy, food and consumer and industrial chemicals with depots in every state. The recent delivery of several Tieman 26-metre `Milk Liner` combinations sees a significant increase in payload efficiency from previous prescriptive 25-metre B-double or nine-axle 26-metre PBS combinations.

Achieving a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) between 79.5 tonnes and up to 85.5 tonnes, this bulk milk collection combination not only offers game-changing payload increases but has far greater flexibility with the additional advantage of being used as single 30kl tankers if required. 

The uptake of PBS tankers is on the rise in Australia and at the forefront of new PBS designs is Tieman. While the detailed design and submission for higher mass approval process can take some time, the rewards in greater efficiencies for the freight task are significant.

Using BPW suspensions and axles with a rear steer axle on each axle group, the swept path for this new Tieman 26-metre `Milk Liner` innovation is exceptional.Tieman have uniquely designed the axle spacing to give optimum loading outcome for bridge assessments. Being within 26-metre overall length allows the combination to operate up to 100 km/h, unlike 30-metre A-double combinations which are restricted to only 90 km/h.

At higher speeds on cambered country roads the combination is proving to track safely. According to drivers who are now operating the 26-metre 10-axle `Tank Liner` range across multiple industries including fuel, even in an evasive manoeuvre situation, the rear tanker proves to pull back in line quickly – giving peace of mind to drivers and business owners for maximum safety in real world operating conditions day or night.

Using the highest quality components in any tanker build is always a priority for Tieman as the component longevity will always assist in reduced maintenance and operational costs over the life of a Tieman tanker.

Tieman have exclusive supply to the only international European Hygienic Engineering & Design (EHEDG) certified centrifugal milk pump for bulk milk collection in Australia. Taking the hygiene of pumping milk from farm vat to the road tanker to another level. The ultra- hygienic pump incorporates leading edge innovation with its patented inducer impeller that reduces the net positive suction head (NPSH) required by up to 70 per cent, effectively reducing pumping drop off rates when pumping out low lying vats by approximately 25 per cent. The inducer effectively raises the cavitation point if the pump resulting in more consistent flow rates while also being much quieter than other milk pumps – making it ideal for night time pickups. The milk pump is a joint innovation between hydraulic equipment experts Ramspec and SPX-APV supported by Tieman. The additional liquid ring prime pump by Ramspec is also used by Tieman on all bulk milk collection tankers to ensure `lowest life` operating costs, eliminating the need to replace rubber impellers and eliminating the need to run the truck through the CIP process.

Every Tieman feature is designed around operator and maintenance safety and on-road performance. From the unique bottom actuated fail-safe Tieman vent disc, to the largest side operational box with integrated ice box, to the hydraulically driven Tieman hose reel with disc brake, to the huck bolted suspension attachment, Tieman design and engineer their tankers to make maintenance easy and safe – designs that are always `Built to Last!`

Fast Fact
Last year, McColl’s Transport was acquired by an investor club known as Frieson. The club includes new CEO Simon Thornton and Chairman Mark Mentha. The new owners are committed to investing in new and innovative tanker equipment.

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